Watch Your Mailbox!

Happy Saturday Morning!

It's time. Someone will be the proud new owner of a pile of fun...

This is the hard part. The easy part is giving it away. The hard part is choosing someone to send it to. I really wish I could send you all a sweet little something in the mail. Fun mail. Not junk mail. Bright, cheery, make you smile kind of mail.

Guess I will just have to keep cleaning my craft supplies out and saving my change for postage :)

Here you go:

Mom in Training 3 aka Laura Maxwell (who even posted on Twitter) you will be getting a super fun box in the mail sometime next week :)

Thank you all so very much for visiting, participating, and for liking me on Facebook. We should do it again soon!!



  1. Thank you so much!!!!! Yes, I posted your giveaway in several different spots. Thank you for being so kind to do the giveaway!!!!!

  2. Hello Rhonda,
    I mentioned you in my blog :-)