Eating and Sleeping...

I used to paint. Then I had kids.
My creative outlet became scrapbooking. Easier to contain. Easier to clean. Easier to walk away from and not worry about coming back to a mess made by creative monsters.

Now, I've found an online class for painting and mixed media collage. Bring on the mess.

Here is one of the paintings for the color class:
Fun, but not nearly as exciting as doing an image transfer. I have been dreaming of pages. Ideas are swirling. If I could just have a few un-interupted days. Can you imagine? :)
I keep thinking that this one needs more:
I was thinking about a word written in a swirly font. Not sure which word to choose. Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Add them here. Help me get my brain moving!

I'm off to create. . .


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