Last Days

It's official.
We are down to the last few days of summer. Literally. Few. No more, soon to be less!

My last two weeks were jam packed. One week of work (Rewriting Montana State Standards for the Visual Arts). That sounds like loads of fun huh?! Long days. Tons of brain work, but I did start to get a little more excited for the school year.

Then, one week of sister and babies. We played. Swimming. Movies. Baseball game. And then I had to give them back. That was the hard part. It would be so nice to live only an hour apart. Or even better, across the street from each other ;)

Now. Thoughts of my classroom are swirling in my brain. I need to be in my room setting up for the year. Lesson planning. Scheduling. Year plan. All that fun stuff.

On the home front. I'm going to revamp the kitchen cupboards and pantry now that I have redone the appearance. Time to start clean eating. Whole family style. Soon we will all be lean, mean, active machines :)

I know I promised pics of the kitchen. Hubby just finished putting the drawer pulls on for me, so I will get the final pic and post it this evening or tomorrow. Promise.

Time to enjoy those last few days...


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