Sunday Blog Hop

It's been over two weeks, since I have had a morning to just sip my coffee, read a few blogs, and contemplate what I would like to to do with my morning. WoW!

I plan to take full advantage of this day, I'm just hoping I can fit it all in ;)

My To Do List:
  • Blog Hop (I need to be inspired)
  • Finish cleaning my work area.
  • Create something...What? I'm not sure yet. Scrapbook layout maybe? Work on a painting? Draw?
  • Yoga
  • Some form of cardio. Don't know if it will be a walk or a video, but it's time to move my butt!
  • Lesson plans (I knew that something "school" would pop up in there, but it has to be done.)

So there it is. We will see just how much of that I get done. At least it is written down somewhere. When I start wondering what I want to do, I can look at my list. Or I can blow it off. That's the joy of Sunday. Go where ever the whim (or next click of the mouse) takes you.

Have a great day!!


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