Sprucing it Up...

Hello World!

Are you still out there reading? This place has been abandoned. I can't really say that my interests changed, I just lost my mojo.

Then summer came along and I decided it was time to take a break after I finished a few classes and just play.

And I did.

We rode our dirt bikes, went kayaking, played on paddle boards, swam at the lake and river, soaked in hot springs, did yoga, and lounged in my new hammock anyplace I could think to set it up!

Now that winter is settling in...I am doing some "house keeping". My shop is updated, the blog and my facebook page have a new look, and soon I will be offering my services for Web Design and Blog Templates. I have been fiendishly learning and applying some new skills and I am excited to be adding to my abilities. 

Hope you are all doing well...see you back here soon :)


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