Bird Watching

The birds have been chirping around here like crazy.

As soon as the sun starts to peek over the hills, the birds start chattering.

It's probably my favorite noise to wake up to. Unless it's a magpie. Yuck!

My studio has a lilac right outside one of the windows. I've found myself just staring at the birds. Watching them flitter around inside the branches. The way they bob their little heads. Their tiny claws gripping for balance. Fascinating.

I never thought I would become a bird watcher (and I'm not even close to being an official one)...but I do find myself paying a little more attention to them than I used to :)

I even find myself drawing them :) Sheesh! If you feel like coloring this image as celebrate your "love of birds" you can find her in my shop: Bird Watching.

Happy Sunday!


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