I Did It...

I finally worked up the nerve to get prints of my artwork made.
I'm not sure which part is more scary:
Spending the money to have the prints made or thinking about having all those prints and none of them selling.
I guess it could mean that I have Christmas finished for next year *wink*
In a previous post, there is a sneak at my favorite print. Here is another (my second favorite):
You can find them here: Intrinsic Art Shop

I had two sizes printed. An 8 x 10 and an 11 x 14. Ready to be framed. I'm also framing a couple to hang in the house. The originals will go in my "studio" someday, when it's all finished :)

Also...I signed up for my very first online class (that is not through a University). It is called "Remains of the Day...a shabby journal of scraps". I am excited to get started. I bought a few fat quarters yesterday to make the cover. As soon as I finish with this silly computer, I am off to drink more coffee and create. The teacher is Mary Ann Moss. She teaches second grade in L.A. and if that's not brave enough for you, she also teaches all of us crazy creative people via the internet. You can find her blogs and classes at Dispatch From LA, her blog.

Happy Wednesday!

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