Turtle-ie Enough for the Turtle Club

Happy Tuesday!

I have officially been home for a week.
No major trips.
No chasing kids.
No running around (other than a trip to Missoula yesterday to pick up my studio desk and a Costco run).

Homework. Lots of Homework.

With a little bit of scrapbooking thrown in to keep me sane!

Here is my latest creation:

Popsicle Smiles is listed on eBay currently. Let me tell you...there was a TON of hand cutting (fussy cutting) involved in that one! Everything is cut by hand except the letters that I cut with my Cricut. Phew!

It's also time for another freebie :)

You can click on the link "here" to download this cute little turtle in it's hat...and if you need help unzipping and using it, please read the "How To" page at the top of the blog. I'm off to scrapbook a bit before I start another round of homework. Wish me luck! Rhoda


  1. What a sweet turtle. I love him thank you.

  2. A real cutie, thanks a bunch..


  3. Thank you for the cute Turtle...

  4. Thanks for the cute turtle.

  5. Very cute turtle-love the hat! Thanks so much.;)

  6. Really sweet turtle. Thanks so much!