Drawing, Drawing, Drawing...

Is it hot yet?

We are hitting the 90's here. The air is full of smoke. There is a fire somewhere up the valley, and maybe over the border in Idaho. Summer is in full swing.

I've been MIA. Traveling. Playing. Working. Drawing.

I am taking two online classes that are super intense. Usually, I end up sitting on my bum for two straight days just drawing. Trying to get it all done so that I can go back to playing.

We've put well over 800 miles on the car in the last 3 weeks.
Gone swimming.
Watched the Independence Day parade.
Fireworks set to music from each of the wars in the past 150 years.
Shopped the sidewalk sales.
Played in the river.
Eaten Hospice ice cream cones.
Been eaten by mosquitos.
Visited with family.
It's been AWESOME :)

My plan is to post some of my drawings when they are in am more finalized version. Or maybe a series from beginning to end. Depends on how they turn out. One class is comic drawing, the other is figure drawing. My brain is frying!

I did manage to make a new listing for the shop:

And I'm hoping to add a few more :)

Might even be something new to make from all of my scribbles, scratches, and attempted drawings in the past 3 weeks!

Happy July,


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