Another Full Week...

Happy Monday!
Now that it is almost over *wink*.

Oh my! Was it ever a Monday today. All over the place.

We started off with the kids and Chris staying home sick. Before I left for school, Chris was trimming Hayden's fingernails, with toe nail clippers. Instant red flag. He ended up cutting a divot in the tip of Hayden's finger. Sheesh. Blood. Band-Aids. Irritated mommy!

When I get to school, my keys aren't in my bag. Hmmm. The hubby was the last to use them. I call him. He can't remember where he had them. He thinks he put them away in my bag. I use my keys all day. A LOT! I get in the car and drive home to get them. Then back to school.

The rest of the day, it was reasonable. The overall mood though was...Monday. Blah!

Yoga made it a little better, other than the mirrors. No mirrors during Yoga. Yuck! And I was stuck right in front of it. I just tried to ignore myself :)

I did manage some drawing this weekend. And a few new digital stamps.

This sweet Valentine Bear is the first to be listed. And, I would wager that tomorrow's freebie might be something similar :) Stay tuned...


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