I Really Need To...

I was waiting for some of my drawings to scan last night and started browsing through the pictures on my big MAC (the only kind to have...not those icky burgers!).

There were all sorts of images that I had saved for inspiration. And images of art I have already completed. Then, I came across the art I still want to be making and have ignored for over a year. I really, Really, REALLY need to get back to it.

Art Journaling. I suck at the journaling part. It's the part that probably stalled me last time. Making them. That's the part I really love. They were starting to pile up, and I was feeling guilty about them being made but sitting there empty. Time to give it another go.

Here are some images of my mostly empty one:

I did create and fill one. If you dig back through old posts, or my flickr account you can see it as well. It's time to make another new, fresh one. Vow to start filling this one...and not be concerned with how many sit empty. I'll get to it eventually. Right?


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