Let It Snow...Man

Happy Tuesday!

I'm hoping to get back into the groove of regular posting. And more art and creative fun.

No resolutions here. Just goals. One of those is to spend more time away from the technology, and more time with a sketchbook and pencil in my hand. Copics. They can be in my hand too. Colors are always a must :)

Our Montana world is brown and dirty. It wasn't a white Christmas. No sign of white during New Year's. And still we wait. This is just wrong!  It's way to dry, and way to warm.

Here is what we are all thinking:

Feel free to download this little cutie and his wish for snow. Maybe it will come true soon!

Have a great week!



  1. oh my goodness, you can have all of our snow from Michigan. It's pretty, but thats all I have to say for it. Thank you for the cute snowman.

    Smiles Sher

  2. Cute Snowman. Christmas is over. We don't need any snow now.

  3. Darling- love the added sign- I love snow- and wonder if we are going to get slammed later on......!

  4. Adorable digi- thank you so much for sharing him!

  5. Thank you Ronda for the free snowman - I look forward to using it soon. Gail in MI - no snow here either - but I am OK with that! LOL

  6. Thank you! Love your snowman.

  7. Thank you, he is so cute!!

  8. I wish we had the rain in Oregon to send to you for your snow. However, we have been way too dry here.

    Thank you for the snowman. Have a wonderful 2012.

  9. Adorable snowman, we are getting some snow now....tfs