Happy New Year...

10 days of break. And I can't tell you where they went...

Family. Food. Cleaning. Food. Family.

And then the flu.

That was fun. 10 people in the house, and it hit every single one of us! The little ones are the worst. They can't tell you when they are about to explode, it's never near a bucket, and it's always the worst possible place to clean up.

I slept away one whole day of the break. And I'm pretty sure each of my kids did too. We just rotated days.

But before the nasties hit, we played at the park:

Spent some time playing with rocks by the river.

And I did some Yoga!  I am working on mastering Crow Pose. One of these days it will just come naturally, but for now, I still am happy if I can just count to 6 or higher before I fall out :)

Here's to a happy, healthy, and creative 2012.


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