Longer Days...

Days are longer. In a good way. It is getting dark a bit later each evening.

I love living where we have distinct seasons. In the fall, I love the feel of the cool night air. Smell of decaying leaves and the crisp crunch of them underfoot. I enjoy the shortening days and the thought of long winter days spent warm and cozy in the house.

By February, I start watching for the signs of spring. Daylight hours get longer. You can almost feel a touch of the dampness of spring in the air. The slant of sunlight starts to change. Birds start singing outside the windows. I want to clean the house from top to bottom and open windows (CRAZY...I Know!).

Today, I was downtown on a grocery run. It was after 5:20 and it was still light!! Spring is on it's way. Just hoping the fever doesn't set in to soon :)

And what did I do with all that light?
I took pictures of my second Remains of the Day journal.

I have almost filled my first one. I added a few more images. Need to add detail here and there and tweak a few things. There are about 5 more pages and I have run out of all the writing and ideas that I have that fit the theme, so I am going to add random quotes through out the entire journal and call it good. Then it will be one WHOLE book finished just for me and I am moving on to #2 :)

Looking forward to a relaxing and creative weekend.


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  1. I am doing the Remains of the Day class too...I love the concept...I have been collecting my papers and stuff.....I am so excited to make one......They look so cool....