In Search of Snow...

We had to drive over 30 miles to find snow yesterday. That is not normal.
But, we found the snow. And after a few squabbles and some growling, we had SNOW much fun :)

It is amazing how peaceful the world is when it is white and cold. Our adventures took us along the Montana/Idaho pass (a small portion of the Continental Divide). Hayden flopped around like a fish and did belly flops. Kyla ate her weight in snow. Maggie was worn out because she isn't lucky enough to have snowshoes. It's tough being a dog. Chris made snow art with a ski pole. I found mother natures sculptures and photographed them. When I downloaded the loot this morning, the grand total was 137 photos. Goodness!!

I leave you with a few of the most precious and the promise to share more ♥


1 comment:

  1. I can't believe I'm saying it....but I'm ready for just "the little bit" of snow they are forecasting for monday night...yikes, I said it !

    the snow we have left is icy hard and ugly and is good for nothing but covering up old dog a new layer would, just for cosmetic purposes, be great !

    I'm so glad you and your family found snow and had a "snow day" of fun !