A Short Day...

Here I am. Back at school. The good news, it will be quick. Teacher in-service. Our classes at the High School have only been 35 min. long. The kids leave at one. We stay to have meetings and catch up on grading and paper work. It's a quick way to take care of a Monday.

Now, if I could be home with a cup of coffee and my art supplies, that would be even better!!

I continue to fill my first ROD journal. You can find images on my flicker (see side panel...lower right). I worked on the second one yesterday. All the signatures are stitched and bound into the cover. My plan is to finish filling the first with journaling/doodling and then move on to the second. I had a devious plan. I printed all the notes and fun ABC's of me from my Facebook Page to add. It was a good plan. It's fun to go back and read them. The problem...I still have 4 pages left to fill. I don't have anymore blog posts, notes, etc. What to do, what to do?!

There might be a few minutes where I can take some pics of the second set of pages. If so, I will try to post this evening or sometime tomorrow.

Happy Short Monday!

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