Rainy January...

It feels like spring here. Kyla and I were out following the cat (he only goes out on supervised walks). The yard is full of puddles and mud. It has rained for two days. Washed away the snow. And it's over 40 degrees. This is NOT supposed to be January in Montana.

I have completed all the pages for my journal and sewn the signatures into the cover. Now my dilemma is what do I fill it with? I love the idea of journals. Scrapbook albums. Mini books. But I never know what to put in them once they are made. I don't write my thoughts and feelings. I like quotes. I make myself notes about ideas. But I don't write. My sister said it best "I don't want to leave evidence out in the open". Thoughts are best kept to myself :)

These are my pages:

I used to blog when I was selling scrapbook pages and kits. I've saved my favorite posts from that blog and just had the epiphany that I should print those and add them to my journal. I feel some creativity brewing. Must go play!!

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