Back to School, Back to Winter

School is now back in session.
Winter has come back with a vengance. Yesterday we had temps in the 40's and rain. Overnight, it all froze and we are expected to have a low of -6 tonight. You just gotta love Montana weather!

I am still working on my journal. Mostly deciding what to fill the pages with. My previous blog only used up about half. Now to figure out the other half. I want to add some doodles to it as well.

Each day that I teach Art, I become inspired by all the images and colors and ideas I see. By the time I get home, it has all drained out of me and I stare at my things like a zombie. If only I could bottle it up and open it when I have a minute!

Hope you are having an inspired day. Here is looking forward to the weekend :)



  1. our weather here sounds like yours a bit....although the cold has bitten us and doesn't want to let go !

    I love your journals....I am a journal maker, but then never write in them as they "are too pretty" to mess up....

    one of these days of these days...

  2. I was cleaning my room out over our Holiday break and my husband noticed my "pile". He commented that I should try filling one before I made another. I LOVE to make them. I LOVE to see other peoples. I LOVE to leave them blank. I'm scared of those fresh pages :) It's nice to know that I'm not the only one!