Motivating Art Students...

I have a few students who do not motivate themselves intrinsically. That's normal. It's my job to find a way to motivate them (even if it isn't an intrinsic motivation) and then hopefully they will learn to motivate themselves over time.

On more than one occasion I have mentioned that I sell my work. Either on eBay or Etsy. A few of them perk up when I say this. A select few want to try it themselves, but still need to produce a product first.

My dream is to someday arrange a student auction. They would submit their finished piece and then we would hold a community event for them to share/sell their work.

Until then, I'm teaching a few about Etsy. One student has even listed items with my help!! He has created horse shoe hangers with custom animal designs. Here is a peek at one and you can visit his Etsy Shop as well :) Please support and encourage where deserved...
Happy Tuesday,

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