Another year. And this year, it's time to do it right.
Setting goals. Word of the year. Life improvements.

My word for the year:
Clarity - The state, or measure of being clear, either in appearance, thought or style; lucidity,
free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression

One way I have chosen clarity is in health. I'm limiting my sugar intake. I've made it 16 days without sugar. I'm not substituting with chemical replacements. No cakes, cookies, candies.

Next will be refined flour. I'm working up to that :)

And my goals. Hmmm. There are a number of thoughts floating around. The three that are sticking to me so far:

1. Not hindering myself. Stop the self sabatoging thoughts that I hear talking me out of things I want to try. They tell me not to bother. I'm going to tell them to shut up!

2. Work out. Regularly. Bring on the Yoga Booty Ballet.

3. Wait to buy books. Read the ones I have. When I have made a dent in that pile, then I can start purchasing again. (the one exception to this rule is if I go to Barnes and Noble with my sister...)

And, I'm writing them down. It is the surest way to motivate yourself to achieve your desires.

I'm living my word and following my lists!


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