A Refreshing Weekend...

Is it Springtime yet?

I am so ready. This weekend really made me want warmer weather. We had a beautiful day on Friday. Time spent outside. Lots of walking. Cookies and coffee at the bakery. Total relaxation. I loved it!

I'm almost rejuvenated enough to come back to school today. Almost :)

There was even some time for drawing this weekend. I have started into a new sketchbook. Love them when they are fresh and clean.

Here is a new drawing (digital stamp) that I listed in my shop.

It's definitely spring inspired :)

Hope you all are ready for another fun filled week. I have Zumba, dentists, and Yoga to look forward too. The only miserable one is the dentist, but it is just a cleaning so I am sure I will survive. I hope so anyway :)

Happy Monday!

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