Bird Hugs...

Happy Valentine's Day.

This day is usually pretty uneventful for us. When we were dating it was a little more special.
Picnics by the river (even though it was only 45 degrees).

And then we were usually working. I delivered flowers when we were in college for one of the florists. Talk about a busy busy day.

With kids it is all about the Valentine's they give at school. The class lists. The boxes with fun envelopes and stickers. Our tiny little grocery store didn't order in the fun boxes of Valentines this year. Being the slacker mom that I am, I didn't realize that until 4:45 yesterday afternoon when we ran to the store to find something for dinner and to grab the cards. What?!!

We improvised. I found some awesome freebies on the Internet. Printed them on thick art paper. Cut, cut, and cut. And now we are good to go :)

Here is your Valentine from me:

A cute little birdie hug.
From me to you :)

Happy Valentine's Day.



  1. Thank you and happy valentine's day!

  2. Thanks for sharing - happy valentine's day!

  3. teehee, I was taping the candies to my sons valentines this morning just before school! Thanks for the digi-too cute!

  4. Before you know it your kids will be grown and will yearn for the days of Valentines for their class. A friend was telling me yesterday that they don't have the little Valentines with envelopes anymore - so you can't just put the candy in the envelope. Thank you for the cute image!!

  5. Thanks for sharing this sweet image!

    I used to work in a restaurant and hated Valentine's Day. Now it's fun!