Crafty Little Critter


This is a record for me. Three blog posts in a row.

We are trying to make February a limited technology month. In school it is "I Love to Read" month. To help meet the kids' reading goals, we are turning the technology off. I already read most of the time, but I am trying to draw more too.

Even though I have to use technology to finish up the work, and to post, I am still finding more time to be creative.

Maybe some more time for Yoga too :) And walking!

This little cute critter is busy crafting too. Either making Valentines, or just a note to say "Hi".

And I even had a few minutes to color today. I seriously could color ALL THE TIME, if I could get paid to do it, that would be even better :)

I hope to be adding some more over the next few days.

Happy "I Love to Read/Draw" month,


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