So Many Ideas...

Happy Monday!

I'm not sure where this weekend was supposed to be relaxing and restful. I'm more tired than when it started.
Go Figure!

There are so many ideas of things that I would like to make and have posted or listed. Colors swirling. Images popping up. And I have to just tamp them back down and hope they come back to me when I have a minute.

I did manage to make some Black and Red Frames. They go with the Valentine's papers and owls. Or work well on their own :)

I'm looking forward to making it home this evening and doing some Yoga (I'm still working on holding Crane for as long as possible. My time is well over 25 seconds! Yahoo!) and then laying around in my jammies. Maybe even an early to bed type of night.

Hope you all have a smooth Monday...see you back here tomorrow for the Tuesday Treat :)


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