A Long Day

It was a long day. But in a good way. One of those that seems to last forever, and you think it should be later because of all the things you have done. All the thoughts that you have thunk.

Then you look at the clock.

It's two hours earlier than you thought.

So you keep on going :) And after being around the house for a few days, and then this extra long day...
We are thinking it is time to squeeze in another adventure. The start of school is fast approaching. I want out of the house while we can still get out for more than a day or two. And I'm feeling antsy.

A hot springs maybe? A new town with some time to explore (this ones funny...since I keep saying that I really want to explore the ones closer to home...and then I drive somewhere completely different).

I'm wondering where the gypsy in me came from.

We didn't travel that much when I was little. Maybe it was because I loved, loved, loved it when we finally did travel. It was extra exciting and special because it was so rare.

Yep. Adventure here we come!

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