Work with Play

Thursday already? I'm afraid that August is going to fly by and before you know it, we will be back within the walls of school. It's the cycle.

I'm working on some fun new sets. I'll keep you posted. Would you like to see my office yesterday?

Yep. Those are my tootsies, in the creek. I took one of those plastic deck chairs down to the creek with me and put it in the water so I could sit and work while the kids went exploring.

Cool. Refreshing. Fun. Out of the house! It's the best of both worlds :) Nature and Limited Technology.

And for the evening?
A mountain bike ride up to the Como Falls. It's a little rockier than I like, but we all made it. We had the lake to ourselves other than 2 boats and 2 hikers (who were leaving when we were heading in.)
Our dinner was on a flat rock, looking out over the lake and mountains. The kids playing in the water in between bites. Perfect. Sorry no pics. I was to "in the moment".

Have a great Thursday!

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