Back to School

Yep. I'm back in school. Back to teaching.

And wishing I was home coloring and making cards.

Yesterday, I colored while the kids were swimming. Kyla came out of the water to get a drink. While she was standing by me, a beetle flew in her hair. She started squawking, and shaking her hair.


And all over my coloring.

Not a big deal with the Copics, but the ink from the print out smeared. It worked for practice. I just played with mixing markers and then came home to start over.

Lesson learned. No wet kids by your art work!

Some fun things in the shop:

Colorful Penguins

These are what I was working on coloring. I printed them out in line art. I am going to make cards with them, I think :)

Happy Monday and back to employment,


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