Almost Labor Day...

Only a few weeks left. Yikes. Summer is drawing to a close way to fast!!

I did manage to make it to my favorite swimming hole on Saturday. It wasn't quite a full day there. Kyla stepped out of the water, right onto a bee. She's been stung before, and I was pretty sure she wasn't allergic. We kept an eye on it, and about 10 minutes later her toe was purple. It was about 15 minutes to town, and I didn't want her to have a reaction that far out. While we were walking to the car her leg went all purple and spotty. Not good.
Drove to Salmon (keeping it mostly under the speed limit) and bought some Benadryl. The pharmacist said that as long as she wasn't having problems breathing, it was okay. We hung around my dad's until the antihistamine kicked in and made her all drowsy. Then drove back to the swimming hole (she napped in the car).
The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Thank goodness. Just a calm, lazy day, by the river. Ahhh.

Sunday. Chores. Blah.

The hubby and I re-stained the back deck. He did the front one on his own while I was off playing. And our lovely kids, they mowed the lawn, raked, AND cleaned the house. They just might be keepers :)

Here are my newest creations:
You can get them in color...
Or you can get them in black and white so you can create your own colors.

I can't wait to make some prints using these!!

Don't forget to check out the post about becoming part of my creative team. You get free graphics in exchange for posting your creations and linking back to me. It's a win, win.

Happy Monday,


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  1. Yeah, I am allergic to bee stings and if I'm stung (thank god it's hardly ever! - I watch it big time for this reason!) my throat starts closing up on me in a matter of seconds! It's not a good feeling AT ALL. I have two young boys and worried they too might be allergic. My eldest (who's now 12) has been stung and no reaction other than pain of course. And my 7 yr old tells me he was stung at school but of course I don't know that so I still don't know if he's allergic. But from experience I can tell you I'd much rather take the swollen purple leg over the not being able to breath. My hope still tho is that she is ok and back to health....