Is It Tues or Wed?

I sat down to reflect on the week, and the activities that have filled my day, and realized that it is actually Wednesday, not Tuesday.

Oops. I lost one in there somewhere.

Two days of teacher training down. Now we have two days of meetings, some work time in our rooms, and a community open house. Busy.

I left my coloring (that I started over on) placed on the china hutch. It's still there. Calling to me. These sweet birds. Some are colorful and others are dull black and white. I feel so sorry for them, but there is nothing I can do. I have to go to school. They will sit uncolored until I get home and find some free time.

And ideas for new graphics. Swirling around in the edges of my brain. Just waiting, but not very patiently :) Might have to take some paper and sketch today during the "business" portion of the morning. Shh. Don't tell.

How about another cute set of birds? I had a hard time choosing between these and the penguins, so I might as well share them both, right?

These adorable little tweeters are in black and white line drawing form too, if you want to do your own coloring.

Happy Wednesday!


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