Aww Poop!

I don't think that will be worn out any time soon. Makes me giggle each time I say it (and see it written with a fuzzy monster!).

Time for something different. A quick how to with two of my newest sets, and some cardstock. A mini tutorial for you.

Supply list:
  • Cardstock
  • Pattern papers (theme of your choice...Halloween, Bright, Birthday, etc.)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Favorite Black Ink Pen
  • 3D adhesive dots
  • ink pad (optional)

Start by printing out the Monsters and Halloween Eyes. I resized mine to between 1-2 inches. The eyeballs are about an inch wide. I printed one of each so I could cut out extra pieces to "pop" with the 3D dots. Your choice.

After you print them and cut them out, ink around the edges if you want. Pop dot extra pieces if you decided to cut them out as well. Here are mine:

A close up:

Next. Cut your cardstock to the card size you want to create. I cut mine 6 in. by 9 in. When folded, they are 6 in. wide by 4.5 in. tall. Decorate with pattern papers, brads, eyeballs, and monsters.

See!! It sticks with you doesn't it. Makes you giggle, and want to repeat it :)

And the others:

So? Are those creative juices flowing now? Ready to go create something? Well get going then!
Be sure and come back here to post images of your fun creations.

Don't feel like making them yourself? Prefer can get these here.

Have a great weekend!!


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