River Time

Salmon was great.

We did go fishing (twice) and didn't catch anything. Still had fun though.

The owl is still doing okay. He is attempting to stand up on his own. Hopefully, the swelling on his brain will go down and he'll make a full recovery. Fingers crossed that there isn't any neurological damage.

The kids and I attempted to go swimming at the public pool. The first night, there were to many thunderstorms. The next night, the pool was closed. Go figure.

We enjoyed natures pool instead and played in the river:

A little chilly. But still fun. Poor Hayden. He has no body fat, and gets cold so fast. He's not in the photo, because he is laying in the sand behind me :) Problem is, when it's time to go, you have to rinse off again. Brrr!

I think another trip to the river is in the works. My favorite swimming hole has the best sandbar this year. I played there yesterday. Heaven.

The shop is filling up. I've tried some new things. You can now find Illustrations and Phone Wallpapers.

They look great on an iPhone, and should look just as great on an Android. What do you think?


P.S. Don't forget to check out the post and join my creative team. The opportunity ends on August 17th.

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