Ready for a Prize...

Time to end September with some fun!

I entered the number of posts we had into a random number generator, and the winner is Raena!

raena said...
"These are adorable! I find that I don't miss the nose and mouth on these. If it were more important to show an emotion, then I would say they were necessary, but these are great the way they are!"

Send me your email at rhodadesignstudio {@} gmail {dot} com. Let me know which one you like the best and I will send you the download link.

Thank you everyone for posting a comment and taking a look at my new characters. I'm hoping to make a few more this weekend :)

It's Friday! And I'm so happy. I've already managed to go to Yoga class and do a spruce up/check in at a place I take care of. It's an older farm house, and in the middle of pastures. Unfortunately, it means it collects flies. One of the main things we have to do there is "suck flies" with the dust buster. Would it be cliche so say that after the insect guy sprayed this year, the flies are dropping, like flies?

Yuck! Industrial fly sucker today! I'll be glad when it gets colder and they slow down.

Time for a weekend of creativity!

Happy Friday,


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