Freaky Friday...

Trying to figure out what theme Friday should be.

Fabulous Friday.

Fun Finds Friday.

Fresh Friday.

Funky Friday.

Hmmm. Today it's going to be Freaky. Probably not as freaky as most would expect, because I don't do freaky. Images stay in your brain bank for life. Everything you have ever seen is being stored, somewhere in your memory. Personally, I don't want to fill up that space with nasty, freaky, disturbing images. I'm okay with G-PG13.

Some Freaky Illustrations on cardboard.

Not so scary, unless you are little and their are monsters in you closet. (Those of you with little ones that are scared of the closet, air freshener with a "Monster Be Gone" label works wonders! Just spray it in the closet and under the bed before you tuck them in.)

And some creepy sculpture. I'm not sure what is so fascinating about these dolls, but they draw me in every time I see them. Little souls, all their own.

Happy Freaky Friday.


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