Challenge Myself...

I did it. I'm managing a blog post.
After a day of school.
After making dinner.
After doing Yoga.
Do you know how hard it is to do Yoga when the cat thinks it needs your yoga mat more than you do? And every time you try to go into plank or downward dog, the cat rips your ankles to shreds. A nightmare I tell you. Even pushing him off and saying "ppsstt" wouldn't make him leave me alone. I had to do the first part of the practice half on and half off my mat. Eventually, he gave up. I think he got sick of flinching each time I started to step back. He wasn't sure if I was going push on him again or not. The dog's bed was invaded after that. Fine by me!

And now, that I have accomplished all my tasks, and survived the cat, I am going to color.

Challenging myself to color something a little smaller and more detailed. It is the digital stamps that I created over the weekend. Here it is:

Hoping to use it for some cards. I'll post the progress :)

Happy Tuesday!


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