Wahoo Friday!!

And the week is done!!

Crazy how four days can be so long, and yet so fast at the same time. When you think about all the things that we accomplished this week (and you yearn for a Friday), it seems long. But, when you think about how fast it really went by, it's an amazing contrast.

Either way. It's done. We survived. :)

Our homecoming game is tomorrow.
We spent today working on decorating the gym walls.
One wall for each class.
And the floats.
Go Darby Tigers!!

I'm the Freshman advisor. All I have to say is that, even my "after school" cup of coffee hasn't helped. Or the  two mile walk.

Might need a nap. And then a movie with my hubby.

No major plans for the weekend. Some time being creative. Some house cleaning. And maybe some reading.

Ahh. Weekends.

Happy Friday,


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