Only Monday's

It already feels like we have had a full week...after one crazy Monday.

We started out quiet and ahead of the game.

Then around 9:00 when I was getting ready to take roll in my first class, the Internet wouldn't work. I couldn't get to the site. I just figured it was me, or the silly computer. I decided it could wait till later.

After walking over to the high school, and settling into my art room, I tried again. No go. Figured it was the wireless, so I grabbed the LAN line and plugged it in. Still no go.

A student came by and told me phones were out. No cell service. Interesting.

Turns out, someone hit a fiber optic line, up the valley where they were doing road construction. No phones, no Internet, nothing, ALL DAY!

I only had a few moments of withdrawal. Those times I really wanted to Google the answer for something. Or check on my shop. But I survived. The kids on the other hand. They were funny to watch. Pretty sure they were having nervous breakdowns. "Welcome back to 1995" was my favorite comment :)

The school day ended, and I'm pretty sure that is where ours went into over drive! Ran to town (17 miles away) to watch Kyla play her very first Volleyball game. Eat dinner. Get some groceries. Run home. Groceries away. A walk and talk on the newly restored cell lines with my sister. An episode of Ax Men and bed time. Phew!

Over my quiet weekend, I listed some new cards:
Camera Cards (set of 4)

Bike Cards (set of 4)

Colorful Penguins Cards (set of 4)

Each set has four different designs. I'm loving those penguins :)

Here's to another busy day, but hopefully, not as busy as yesterday!



  1. Fantastic cards Rhoda.. I get severe withdrawal if the internet is down more than 5 minutes..LOL..Loz