We are back from camping.

If that's what we should be calling it :)

The lodge was built in the 40's. It has modern amenities (sort of).
The spring box had run dry. Dad had it fixed by the next morning.
The propane was easy to turn on for the gas range, but not the fire place.
Electricity, when the generator was on.

See. Not very rough. It was a great adventure though. (we won't talk about the part where I got stung by a wasp, or dad's friend's dog that was bit by a rattlesnake at the river, or the other dog that ate rat poison...all is well now and it just adds to the story, right?) Here is a snap shot of our weekend:

It's miles from anywhere. Up a very rough dirt road (and I've driven dirt roads all my life). We were secluded and had the run of the place. The kids were free to roam around where they pleased. Ride bikes. Play with whatever they wanted.

We had some very happy, very dirty kids! And they wore themselves out and slept like logs! We did wake up to the munching of a mouse, or rat, the first night.
(notice the custom way to carry cards back to the cabin?)

The weekend was my dad's idea. He works at this camp in the summer, cooking for all the girl scouts and counselors. In the off season, we get to use it.

Thank you dad! You made us very happy campers.

Vanilla cream soda anyone?

We spent an afternoon on the river (I forgot my camera). It was agreed that we would all just tuck those memories away to share with each other...not everything needs to be on film or digitally recorded.

And after a weekend of being secluded in the forest, we made a bee line for the nearest hot springs. Our favorite place to be this summer.

And that, my friends, is how you finish off a summer!

Happy Labor Day!


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  1. Sounds wonderful to me! Glad you were able to get away and disconnect for awhile! The memories are priceless!