Hello October!

Is it going to cool down yet?
Our nights have been chilly. We have even had a few light frosts. But, no rain. No cloudy days.

That's what I really want. A few days of drizzle. There were in the forecast, but every time I look again, they are pushed back another day. Huh? Just let it rain already!

The house is quiet this morning.

Hayden had a sleepover at a friends.

Kyla and Chris are off running around in town. Probably at the Trading Post.

The house is empty. I can't decide if I want another cup of coffee, or a shower. Or maybe both :)

I did some digital coloring this morning:

And a little last night. After I decide on the coffee and shower, I am going to draw in my sketchbook again. See what sort of fun things I can come up with.

I posted the winner of yesterday's giveaway. Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my blog this week.
She chose Gracie and Her Bike as her prize:

I'm excited to see what kinds of fun things she does with it :)

Coffee is winning. I'm off to refill.

Happy Saturday!


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