Have You Seen a Witch?

I was going to share  a picture of an ATC (artist trading card) that I made yesterday. But before I could take a picture of it, I lost it.


Lost it.

How? I have no stinking clue. It was in my pocket with my phone. The only thing that I can think, is that it fell out when I took my phone out, and I didn't notice. I'm not super upset about it. Just a little. Since I didn't get a picture of it. I figure it was my "Gorilla Art" for the day.

The idea is that you create art, and then leave it laying around somewhere, to brighten someone's day. Or to make them think. Put it in a library book. Leave it under the next pack of butter at the grocery store. Place it under the tip before you leave the cafe. It's a super fun book by Keri Smith. Great idea, I just did it on accident :)

I was going to send out a school wide email, asking if anyone had seen a witch, but figured I'd better not. To many smart alecks around here!

She might pop up again, or she is in someone else's pocket or book now, being enjoyed.


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