They're My Favorite...

Thought I would share some eye candy today.

It's amazing how many beautiful things I see in a day. Things that grab my attention because of their color. Their design. Or because they make me think of something. Stir a memory.

Here are my latest additions to my favorites:

This tape makes my creative heart sing. I can think of so many fun things to add this too. I'd even cover my  kids in this (kidding *wink*).

I remember these. Vividly. There was nothing worse than dialing the first 5 or 6 numbers and then messing up on the second to last one. Start over. Try again. Wait for the dial to spin all the way back around. And the cords, when they were all stretched out. Tangled around your arm or ankle. I'd love to have one now...

When I first saw these, my first thought was Yellowstone. The hot pools. The Abyss and all the colors that layer through it. One of my favorite places to visit. When I retire, someday, I'm going to be a tour guide for the thermal activity in Yellowstone. Just sayin'.

Last, but certainly not least, are these colors. My travel bug is starting to bite. What I wouldn't give for a sister trip to some little village in Greece. These colors make me think I should start a "sister" travel fund!

Yum. I'm off to see what other tasty things I can add to my Eye Candy Collection.

Happy Tuesday,


P.S. Don't forget about the crafty challenge and sweet treat on my previous post.

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  1. Haha I've tripped over many a tangled cord in my youth! Not to mention those fun times when you wind it around your body while on the phone like you're a mummy. Good times...

    Dani @