One Happy Dog

Happy Sunday!

I found some time to draw yesterday. It has been a rainy rainy weekend. At one point,  I almost thought it was snow, it was coming down so thick and sideways. It had that slow heaviness that snowflakes have. Might have been part slush. It's definitely cold enough!

We are having a lazy day. Everyone has found something to keep them entertained. Hayden is rearranging his bedroom (and hopefully cleaning some things up while he is in there). Kyla is under a blankie, watching a show on the iPad. Chris is somewhere in the basement working on a project. I've done a load of laundry and listed a few new animal digi stamps, and had to many cups of coffee, but they were so yummy!

This Happy Dog just makes me grin. He is so silly, and so happy, how could you not?

I made this moose, and another with a hat. Moose are one of my favorite forest animals. We don't see them often, but when we do, we watch them for as longs as we can.

And a sheep. I had sheep in 4H. They aren't really my favorite in real life, but they are cute when they are illustrated. Silly looking animals!

I'm off to drink some more coffee and find some other fun things to draw. Thanks for visiting :)



  1. Love them all but dogs are my #1 favourites and he is a 'cutie'

  2. These characters are so cute! And I love the 'fall ya'll' card in the previous post!

  3. such adorable looking animals =) Love your style, and my favorite...the Moose ^^