I Want to be a Princess

It's been a busy week.



Power outage.
That was fun! Most days I like to warm up a half cup of coffee when I get home from school. Yesterday was a cup of coffee day, for sure. I put my cup in the microwave. Hit the 1 minute button, and there was a HUGE kaboom outside. Gun shot loud. Earth shattering kaboom (said in my best Marvin the Martian impersonation). A transformer blew. Somewhere in the neighbor hood. Right as I pushed that button.

I had some left over roast that I was planning on turning into shredded tacos for dinner. Figured I would just warm it up on the bar bq. No power. No problem. Then it started to rain. Not a sprinkle that you could still bar bq in. A downpour.

We ran to the grocery store. Grabbed a roasted chicken. Problem solved :)

School today.
We had two assemblies. One for the K-6 and one for the 7-12. It was an introduction to a program called Rachel's Challenge. I think that the kids took away a very important lesson, but it was an exhausting day. The kids were challenged to be compassionate, spread kindness, dream big and write down their goals, and remember to tell their loved ones how much they care about them.

The kindergarten went back to their room after their assembly and worked on a poster about their dreams and goals and then shared it with the high school students. They wrote down what they want to be when they grow up.

I want to be a fireman.
I want to be a ship captain.
I want to be a professional skateboarder.
I want to be a teacher.
I want to be a princess.

Yep. We had a number of big kids who could relate to that. Even I did. I loved Cinderella when I was little. It was my very first Disney movie that I remember and it was extra special because my dad took me. We had to walk in a Montana blizzard to get to the theatre. He bought me hot chocolate to warm me up along the way. I can still see the snowflakes swirling in the street lamps. It's one of my favorite memories.

Now I have other big dreams. But it's still nice to think about being a princess.

Dream Big!


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