Not the Dentist

The kids and I have dental appointments today.


Definitely one of the things I do not like. Do NOT like. Even thinking of the sounds and smells gives me shivers. I hate metal on my teeth. Do my best to avoid it, and then you pay to go sit in a chair to be tortured. Where is the sense in that? I'm trying to not push my dislike off on my kids. I don't say anything. Just shiver on the inside.

The silver lining? We get the day off school. All three of us have appointments, so we will hit the dentist. Have lunch. And then spend the rest of the day together.

It's also the Montana Educators Association weekend this weekend. They do workshops on Thursday and Friday. If we do two In Service days during the summer, we can turn those days into free days. I did my time during the summer, so a 4 day weekend is just around the corner. My sister and I have a trip planned.
Just the two of us.
No kids.
No husbands.
No dad (he usually gets to join us on sister trips, but not this year).

I'm so excited!!

Since I will be off playing for the weekend, I figured today would be a good day for a free treat. A couple of birdies. Cute little chirpers to decorate any of your projects.

You can download them here: Free Birds.

I think they would be fun to color in Christmas colors and put on a project with pine trees, or even a Christmas tree and snow. Might have to find some time to play with them...after my weekend away :)

Happy Tuesday,



  1. Cute chubby chirpers! How much fun these will be to use! Thank you very much for these 2 cuties!

  2. Thanks for these adorable birds!!

  3. These little birds are so much fun and a little quirky! Love them. Thank you!!

  4. Thank you for these cute birdies!

  5. Cute birdies and FREE! wow even better.

  6. Thanks for the digis. They remind me of the stupid looks my kids used to give me. Duh! Jane

  7. Thank you for your comment on my blog and the info on "unfollow". Hope your trip to the DDS was a good one. Thank you for the little birds they are really cute.

  8. Thank you for the cute birds. They will be cute for Christmas!

  9. Nice birds. Thanks so much! I don't like the dentist either!

  10. Super cute tweeters! Thanks so much for sharing...

  11. These are adorable, Ilove them, thank you bunches hugs Cathy

  12. I like your idea of coloring the birds with Christmas colors. I think I'll give it a try. Thanks