Las Vegas Baby!

It's been one adventure after another this week.

Friday, we drove to Stanley to meet my sis. We camped for two days. So cold the first night that there were layers of ice in our water containers.
A day of sunshine and fun by the lake.
Another night of camping. Less cold, little more comfortable, or we were all just really really tired. S'mores. Yum!

On Sunday we sent our kiddos home with my sis for the week. Drove home.
Monday morning we drove the other direction. Hopped a plane. Now I am sitting in Vegas, blogging for you.
Sorry no sketch today. It has been a whirl wind. If I get some down time later this afternoon or tomorrow, I will try to get one posted.
I keep getting distracted.
By lights.
And people watching.
And funny tunes on machines.

Off to find some yummy coffee.

Happy Crazy Summer!

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