Choices, Choices

Who knew being a bum could be so hard. I can't decide if I want to color on my computer, or read a book.
Should be an easy call. But, I keep bouncing back and forth.


A Discovery of Witches. Have you read it yet? It's been sitting in my bag since the beginning of summer. This book has traveled all over with me. Idaho. Las Vegas. Camping. Visiting. Vacationing. And I still have only read the first page. Not because it isn't good, I'm sure. I just haven't had the impulse to read it. Someone give me a kick in the pants. Tell me why I should walk away from the computer and pick up the book.

Coloring. I have this cute sketch that I made a few weeks ago. It is begging to be colored. I just scanned it. I really want to color it, but I really need to get away from this silly computer for awhile.

Add your thoughts to my pros and cons. Let's see which way I can tip the scale :)


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