Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

It's funny how this drink can drive your day sometimes!
And how picky you can be about it's flavor, cream to coffee ratio, and sweetness.


I love mine with a touch of French Vanilla and a splash of milk. And because the caffeine gets to me rather quickly, I make the brew with 1/2 decaf. That way I can drink more. Devious!

How about you? How do you drink yours?

Special coffee cup? I have to have mine. I've even been known to take my favorite cup away from my mother in law when she isn't looking. She forgets what cup is hers all the time, so I dump the coffee from my favorite mug that she is using into a different one. Then I tell her it was her cup all along. Terrible. But coffee just isn't the same without my cup!

To celebrate my love (*cough* addiction *cough*) I created these:

You can see the whole set in my Etsy Shop.

Tomorrow (or the next day...) when I post again, it will be my 100th post!! Holy Cow! How'd that happen?

To celebrate, there should be something fun given away. Who's with me?

Happy Hot Hot Summer Day,


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