Hot, Hot, Hot...

Montana is heating up this weekend. It's that sticky, hot heat. No refuge from it except water or hiding in the basement watching movies.

We went to the Farm Table for brunch. Yummy mimosas with my meal. We sat out on the deck and looked out on the farm. Beautiful.

Now I'm home and it's sticky in the house too. I am thinking about going to hide with my book. Or maybe a movie and a mimosa :)

My shop
has just hit 75 listings. Lots of fun stuff in there. If you shop between now and the time I hit 100 listings you can use this coupon code for an extra 15% off: RhodaBlog75

I'll deactivate it when I hit 100 listings (because we will have other fun things to celebrate) be sure and get your Sale on now!

And, have you checked out the free download here and on Kitty's blog? Tweeted or Liked on Facebook for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate? Running out of time. Tell your friends and get going. I am going to offer some giveaways as we hit key numbers. Let's get this party rocking!!

Happy Hot Sunday,


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