Too Much Coffee

I took some pics of one of my journals this afternoon. You can find the others on my Flickr (see the sidebar).

The plan is to go work in it some more. But, I think I have had too much coffee. I'm jittering out of my seat and not really focusing on any one thing. Love coffee, hate the jitters :)

I have started a new painting as well. Would like to work on that too, but I keep putting it off. I procrastinate and find other things to do when I start self doubting myself. I'm working on that, but it still happens.

If you haven't visited before, or haven't read my blog for awhile, be sure and check out this post. I am doing a giveaway for a "surprise" package of goodies. Be sure and participate!

Okay. I'm off to eat something and drink some water. No more coffee ;)


1 comment:

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