Home Again...

We are home again.
All that running around was fun, but it is nice to be back home in our own space.

Salmon was good. Hospice ice cream. Class reunion. Sidewalk sales. Fireworks. It was all just yummy!

I sat in the shade at my dads with a cup of coffee, a scone, and some art supplies while my kids ran a lemonade stand.
One of their first. I say "one" because they had one the night before at their papa and yaya's. I told them they would have to do a marketing report about each location.
Its summer.
I'll let them skip that part.
I also let them skip out on the bill. I funded the stand. They made the cash :)

Now all the running around and visiting is done (and we did A LOT!!). It's time to get a few things done while I wait for my sister to call and tell me she is in labor. That makes for some long, thoughtful days.

Happy July!!


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