Come On Baby

My sis just called this morning. It looks like there might be some action soon. I'm hoping it isn't false labor. My thoughts keep flipping. Do I drive now? Do I wait? Do I drive now?

I'm thinking. I pack. I drink some coffee. I drive.

Even if it is false labor, it's going to be soon. I might as well be there.

I knew that I if I immersed myself in my projects this would happen. Right as the ideas start flowing, I am called away. Oh well. That's why we have paper right? Make myself a few notes and come back to it after I get some cuddle time with Sophie and the new baby :)

Here is what I created yesterday. More to come in different colors and sizes:

To see more fun details, you can visit my Etsy shop.

I'm off to drive. Might have to stop at the bakery in Salmon. Yummy!!


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